YOHJI OHTSUBO was born in japan in 1977.
He graduated in 2000 from Tama Art University, where he majored in textile design. There he learned to create textiles using various techniques including dying, weaving, and print. In addition to textile design, Yohji is self taught in fashion design. After graduating yohji joined YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc. Tokyo studio, where he focused primarily on the creation of dress patterns. He left YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc. after three years to pursue other international opportunities.
Yohji established own company in Antwerp, Belgium as fashion designer who has created fashion clothes to european markets since 2005. Then again he has worked in YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc. Tokyo studio since 2007.
 Yohji joined japanese SPA company in Tokyo Head office in 2009. He had been working in Shanghai office since 2011.

2014, He joined the one of global sport company in Tokyo.

*Illustrated by Yu Nagaba

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